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Around Every Corner

13 originals recorded in Studio C (which stands for closet!)  Available for actual purchase at CD Baby.


One of my favorites. A bit cinematic. Enjoyed doing the strings.

A Thousand Miles Away

When the unkindled fire fades.


Inspired by a line in the movie Unforgiven.


Inspired by the suffering incurred in New Orleans following the Big Flood - from the perspective of an older woman in the Ninth Ward. Acoustic.

A little fusion...(and prog)


From E-klek-shun. From a rock/jazz project put together by keyboardist Rick Roth in San Rafael, CA. You should hear his Hammond B3 with two leslies. Luscious.


Scott Lindenmuth Group. Off the 1st Scott Lindenmuth Group album - Another Side Another Time.

Another Side Another Time

The song Another Side Another Time off the 2nd Scott Lindenmuth album - Changing Rhythm.

Larry Jacobson

Check it out. Here's something I found on a reel to reel of brother Larry laying down some tracks. I think on a 4-track (I think that would be the Teac A3340) back in the day. Nobody every accused LJ of being too original, but neither could you deny that he was a blazing guitar slinger! I'll be adding tracks to this soon.

Alpha Centauria Quadrant

So I've gone this far - for the truly hard core Edmonds Prog Head here's a bit of the A.C.Q. Bach/Rock Concert (1974?). This audio has traveled a brutal path - beginning with tape oversaturation. Jeremy Lions - Keyboards (deceased), Pat Cunningham - (amazing) drums, Larry Jacobson on guitar (alas, deceased) and myself on bass.


Pride and Passion

My redux of a favorite Mountain numbers from around 1972. Led by Felix Pappalardi (bass) and Leslie West (guitar) this Canadian/East Coast band came from the Cream camp, adding a keyboard player to set themselves apart. Though I don't know that was necessary given the style they developed - particularly with Felix's pieces like this. I don't feel qualified to play these leads - but - I'm not cringing.

Uncle Jack

My take on a psychedelic number from one of my favorite California bands of the sixties, Spirit. Written by Jay Ferguson.


Another cover. Peter Gabriel's Humdrum. I've been playing more keyboards these days, and I just love this grandiose stuff.

Hungry Dogs

Fleeting Moments. The little trio with big sound. This was in around 1990. We recorded a few songs at Shoreline CC's 16 track studio. Written by Carthell Glover.

Where Ever The Wind Blows

A demo here. A wrote the music and performed the song - for a lyricist hoping to peddle his country songs in Nashville. The bass and drums are MIDI.

Palace On The Moon

Off the folk CD by Wildflower Weed. I recorded/produced and played bass and the Papoose, and added some backing vocals.